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    We're proud to release the newest in a long line of fabulous Magic fiction outlets: The Magic Fiction eBook Collection!. Old favorites of mine here, vote on the best books (novels, anthologies, comics, etc.) spun from the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. There was a pdf that had quite a lot of lore, I can look if I can find it on my pc when I'm There is also this wiki page for a lot of the articles and books about the lore . Speaking of, can we get an app that's just the mtg stories.

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    Magic The Gathering Books Pdf

    I'm a HUGE fan of MTG, and sadly where I live I can't play as much as My problem is that I can't seem to find ANY damn book ANYWHERE in. The Magic: The Gathering book series by multiple authors includes books Arena, Whispering Woods (Magic: The Gathering: Greensleeves, #1), Shattered. Magic began to venture out of Dominaria and into several new planes in the later Theros was the last block to receive a companion novel, and only in E-book.

    Okay, I have three scenarios for you: Scenario 1: You're hanging out with your best friend talking Magic fiction, as you're wont to do, but suddenly, the talking turns to a disagreement, which matures into an argument, and then morphs into a fight. Which one of you is right? You can't agree and you both storm off, exasperated. Scenario 2: You make a new friend nicely done , who loves to play Magic big plus , and relishes both reading and debating fiction that's two more in the plus column. But when you launch into your very well-prepared and articulated introduction to the debate you've been dying to have about the politics on Kaladesh, you find your new friend who clearly up until this point seemed to have soul-mate potential doesn't know anything at all about Magic fiction. You sigh—what a missed opportunity. Scenario 3: You wake up on Zendikar. Surrounded by Eldrazi. Tentacles closing in. Three relatively dire situations, no? What if I told you that I have one thing that could reverse your fortune in each of these scenarios, and save you from all of these catastrophic ends?

    I don't have any problem in reading in English, but only in my eBook. If I download a "real book" I want it to be in my language, because I know it exists. So, anyone knows if those books exist in any digital format?

    I'm really desperated, I've even though about getting them ripped or something out of my addiction to this series, but I don't like the idea too much and I couldn't find anything, actually.

    I really feel like universe doesn't want me to read them! Originally Posted by Darkitow. I'm afraid that many books are not available as eBooks. It looks like you'll have to read them as paper books if you want to read them. Originally Posted by HarryT.

    Originally Posted by Bilbo That, of course depends on one's ethical stance. I don't have a problem with it if you've bought the paper book, but I do if you're just using it to get "free stuff". Well, I don't have any problem either when I own the paper version already, in fact I have the Mirrodin theme books, but I couldn't even find any other paper books anywhere, as I said. I've been in almost all the book stores in my hometown and in the capital, and in all "freak" shops where you can find merchandising and other items, but about the books, maybe a very old, forgotten one and stop counting.

    I know I can find many in site, but as much as I support the writters and I try to avoid "the dark side" as much as I can, I really hate downloading paper books in foreign languages even if they're in English, which I can read as it was my own , specially if I have to get them by mail and paying EXTRA shipping What I don't unerstand is, being MTG so "modern" as to have an online real game and many virtual features, they didn't get their books known for eBooks.

    But I suppose, I'll have to go to "the dark side" this time. I was just thinking about looking for some of the MTG books the other day. Thought it would be great to read thru a few again.

    Bummer that there aren't any ebooks. Let's drop over to WotC and start hinting maybe they should think about putting some out in that format. Edit Guess I spoke too soon, should have looked there first http: Last edited by rrburton; at Yeah, they have 4 but as you can see, there's not even one cycle covered or, are they the Alara and the Zendikar ones the full books with the three expansions?

    I would love to have the Ravnica cycle books, and Lorwyn-Shadowmoor too, but never found those. I sent them an email, maybe they'll respond. I suppose it wouldn't hurt if lots of folks who are interested would email them about more ebooks. As far as I know they are not putting out three novels per cycle anymore, but rather one novel per cycle, followed by a Planeswalker novel, then the next cycle.

    So, yeah, Alara Unbroken is the one book that covers the entire Alara block. There's an article with general information as well as a list of all novels on Wikipedia http: All times are GMT The time now is Mark Forums Read.

    Where to find Magic: User Name. Remember Me? Tip Got Facebook? When the last rift was sealed, the fundamental nature of the multiverse and the planeswalker spark changed.

    The Magic Fiction eBook Collection

    Planeswalkers were drained of their god-like power and immortality. The elder dragon planeswalker Nicol Bolas foresaw this change, and began taking steps to protect himself. The first story of the Post-Mending Era was Lorwyn, a self-contained story more evocative of the Planeshopping Era than what would follow. It was with Shards of Alara that we would finally see the ramifications of the Mending. This continued for several years until the novel line was cancelled prior to the story of Innistrad.

    This period also featured a series of webcomics featuring the new cast of characters later titled Path of the Planeswalker for trade circulation. The webcomics were cancelled alongside the novel line. With the cancellation of the novels, Innistrad featured a handful of short fiction and a few overall plot synopsis articles reminiscent of Mirage. In an effort to continue delivering lore content, Magic featured the debut of Uncharted Realms , a weekly short story column.

    While Magic had featured short fiction online in the past, this was the first regular feature. With Return to Ravnica on the horizon, the team attempted to self-publish ebook novellas with every set, but by the end of Theros block that had proved not feasible for the team to sustain.

    Magic Story 100: Where to Start

    A short lived IDW comic series featuring the planeswalking thief Dack Fayden was released alongside the main story. Duels of the Planeswalkers was the first and last video game of this era to have a serious story component.

    The story shifted entirely to Uncharted Realms for Khans of Tarkir block, and the main plot was interwoven with the usual Uncharted Realms side stories.

    This proved popular enough that Magic Origins made the transition to online serialized storytelling permanent. Designed as a jumping-on point for new fans, it proved immensely popular. This would become the era of the Gatewatch, a group of planeswalkers formed in opposition to interplanar threats, and whose story brings them on a collision course with Nicol Bolas.

    This is, by no means, a complete history of the story, it does give you a rough idea of how the story has changed over time. There are a lot of good jumping on points, and typically the beginning of a story arc is good place to start. The Magic Story Archive is your first stop, scroll down to the first story for whatever set, and get started. Lore summaries are a great way to get caught up or learn about the story without having to devote the time to reading hundreds of thousands of words.

    Do you like what you see? Want to learn more? Already invested?

    War of the Spark: Ravnica (Magic: The Gathering) by Greg Weisman | Books

    Magic Origins is the place to start. The five stories there tell the tale of how each of the five main characters became planeswalkers. This set was designed as the best possible story on-ramp for Magic fans. How did the Eldrazi get free in the first place? What is New Phyrexia and why should I care? Things start to get a bit more complicated. There are a few disparate plotlines that would become more and more entangled as time goes on before finally solidifying into the Gatewatch story , and honestly you can start with whichever of them you wish.

    Skip over them to the ebook novellas Godsend and The Secretist. Please note that the availability of many of these novels can be hit or miss, and the harder to find novels go for pretty exorbitant prices. Stick with ebooks whenever possible. A great place to start is with the so-called Planeshopping Era.

    You can start with any or all of them without missing anything. Legacy Weapon by Terese Nielson The Weatherlight Saga The sweeping epic of the Weatherlight saga extends over twelve novels, divided between the main story and the four novels of the Artifacts cycle. The Artifacts cycle sets up the events of the Weatherlight saga and gives a lot of necessary context. All of these novels are available as ebooks, so dive in.

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