The New 52 was the revamp and relaunch by DC Comics of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero comic books. Following the conclusion of the. The New 52 is a DC Comics event marking the relaunch of its entire line with the publication of 52 new comic series, all beginning at#1. In September, , DC Comics consolidated December 2, Harley's Little Black Book # 1. Following the events of the DC Comics event Flashpoint, DC reset their entire universe in what was called The New This meant that in September

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    New 52 Comic Book

    DC COMICS: THE NEW U.S. Price: In September, DC Comic will launch 52 new #1 issues starring the World's Greatest Super-Heroes! c. Comic Book. DC Comics' controversial and ultimately unsuccessful reboot of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero books following the universe altering event. books based on votes: Batman, Volume 1: The Court of Owls by Scott The trade paperback/hardback collections of DC Comics' series following the.

    Earth 2 - A reinvention of The Golden Age parallel universe once again separate from the main continuity , featuring their all-star team, the Justice Society of America. As part of this, everyone is Younger and Hipper instead of elder veteran heroes, including things like making Green Lantern Alan Scott a gay man a character trait inherited from his son Obsidian, who is now retgone. In a minor but noticeable change, Beast Boy's odd coloring has gone from green to red as a connection to fellow beast-themed hero Animal Man. September Zero Month The one-year anniversary of the relaunch; in addition to replacing some titles, every book was a 0 Origins Issue. Team 7 New 52 - Based on a Wildstorm title and set five years ago, with the team being a countermeasure to emerging superhumans. It has a mixed cast of DC and Wildstorm characters, including several who are also appearing in titles set in the present day. Sword of Sorcery featuring Amethyst - A fantasy book featuring an Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld remake as the lead story. The main noticeable difference from the prior incarnation is that there's no Older Alter Ego bits this time; Amethyst stays seventeen on both Earth and Gemworld. The Phantom Stranger - Traditionally a mysterious character with a Multiple-Choice Past , the Stranger is now established as having been punished by the first magic users for some horrendous crime and all but explicitly stated to be Judas Iscariot. It also has ties to fellow space books Green Lantern and newly-canceled Blue Beetle, including backup stories about Orange Lantern Larfleeze.

    Each title would feature a gatefold cover and story lines and moments that will leave readers in a state of shock, including the return of Booster Gold. These would explore concepts similar to the Occupy Movement and the role money has in a world of superheroes. DC also solicited two director's cut one-shots for the Superman Unchained book and the " Batman: Zero Year " story arc.

    For example, Detective Comics, which would have published issue 24 in September, would be released as Detective Comics Each book featured 3D lenticular front and back covers. For example, Batman, Superman, and Justice League are some of the titles that published four issues, while The Flash published three issues, Aquaman and others published two issues, and Green Arrow and others published only one.

    The series would be set 5 years in the New 52's future. Co-writer Jeff Lemire stated that the series was "an exploration of DC's past, present and its future. But what you'll be seeing is a lot of the writers who are working on series right now projecting forward—their ideas, their storylines, where they think their character might be five years from now.

    That means that the images change and show the transformation going on There is a level of change that is taking place with our characters during the course of this story.

    This title is set in the present DC Universe on Earth 2 , while showcasing the events and circumstances that lead to the future depicted in Futures End. In February , it was announced that following the Convergence storyline in May, The New 52 branding would not be used anymore, although the continuity of The New 52 would continue.

    That June, 24 new titles were unveiled under a newly introduced DC You initiative, and most of the 25 remaining titles of The New 52 had new creative teams. Soon after it was shown that Brainiac had taken cities from the Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, and Post-Flashpoint multiverses and placed them on a planet in another reality.

    DC New 52 Villains Omnibus. Note that you should only read Green Lantern 21 to 23 prior to Lights Out.

    DC Comics New 52 Reading Order

    Lights Out. The Movement Vol. The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires Vol. Superman Unchained: Deluxe Edition. Batman Inc. Krypton Returns. War And Peace. Justice League of America Vol. Katana Vol.

    Harley Quinn Vol. Green Lantern New Guardians Vol. Sinestro Vol. Trinity War. Trinity of Sin: Pandora Vol. Forever Evil. Forever Evil: Arkham War. Aquaman and the Others Vol. Harley Quinn and Power Girl. Infinity Man and the Forever People Vol. New Suicide Squad Vol. Justice League United Vol. Red Daugher of Krypton. Superman Doomed. Batman Eternal Vol. Earth 2: New Futures End Vol.

    Grayson Vol. Arkham Manor. Batgirl of Burnside. Green Lanterns: Secret Origins Vol. Blinded by the Light. Gods of War. Dark Truth. God Killer. A Call to Arms. Secret Six Vol. Gotham Academy Vol.

    DC New 52 Reading Order | Complete Comics Checklist & Guide!

    Lobo Vol. Midnighter Vol.

    The Men of Tomorrow. Gotham by Midnight Vol. Convergence reading order. Secret Origin. Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. Cyborg Vol. Doctor Fate Vol. The Blood Price.

    Martian Manhunter Vol. The Epiphany. Black Canary Vol. Kicking and Screaming. Starfire Vol. Welcome Home. Batman and Robin Eternal Vol. The Omega Men. Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army Vol. The Fall of Sinestro. Before Truth. Family Business. Black, White and Red All Over. A Matter of Time. Rogue Targets.

    Note that the Grayson Vol. We Are Robin Vol. Son of Batman Vol. Year of Blood. Robin War. Dawn of the Demons. The first two issues in this Robin: Son of Batman collection issues 7 to 8 are included in the Robin War tie-ins.

    New Killer Star. Darkseid War. Darkseid War — Power of the Gods.


    Darkseid War Part 2. Grayson, Vol. Return to Glory. Last Rites. A Savage End. Full Stop. Out of Darkness. American Alien. Titans Hunt. Lois and Clark. The Final Days of Superman. Continue on to DC Rebirth! Gods Among Us Year One. Gods Among Us Year Two. Gods Among Us Year Three. DC Rebirth. If you like Comic Book Herald, and are able to donate, any small contribution will help keep CBH alive and full of new comics guides and content.

    Donate here! You could jump right into the New 52, which will give you a self-contained universe from about to I would probably start with New 52 since Rebirth continues the story anyway. From now, New 52 is where it starts, Rebirth is just an extension of the same universe. At a couple of points in part 2, Oa is mentioned as the home of the Green Lantern Corps, with something happening that John Stewart mentioned Hal Jordan helped the Corps with. However, I was under the impression that Mogo had been the home of the Corps for a while and Oa no longer functioned after it was decimated during an attack.

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