Editorial Reviews. About the Author. “Dr. Phil” (Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D.) is the host of . “Life Code” is a book may or may not help one to win in the “Real World ” everyday for sure, but this book will definitely help one, at least, shed some lights. In Beyond Life Code, the companion DVD to the book Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World, Dr. Phil McGraw's distinctive wisdom about. Read the first part of Dr. Phil's Life Code, including his personal reflections on what this book means to him and what it can do for you.

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    Dr Phil Book Life Code

    Dr. Phil's book Life Code is available for download as an e-book (EPUB file and MOBI file). You will need to have an e-book reader or e-reader. I saw Dr. Phil promoting his new book Life Code on FOX News last week. He said he wrote the book because he wanted to warn his granddaughters about the. A Behind-the-Scenes Introduction to the New "Life Code" By Dr. Phil McGraw Even though this is the first page you are reading, I will confess t.

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    For most people, I'd give it a 5. However, as a mental health professional, it was what we all know already.

    I enjoyed reading his process of getting to the organization of his ideas. I am a reality therapist much like Dr. I don't believe I Jung's caring approach to helping people.

    In this world, people need to hear the truth. Now, I want my children to read it. They will "hear" things better from others than they do from Mom. They still think Mom is just interfe This is an excellent book. They still think Mom is just interfering or bossing or defending.

    And, I do tend to hold back more with them than with others. I was disappointed that there was very little learning for me. Otherwise, you go, Dr. Phil, for putting the truth out there in black and white!! Dec 20, Karly H rated it it was amazing. Amazingly honest book about how the real world functions today and how to succeed in it. Really opens your eyes to the people you surround yourself with and how to avoid being taken advantage of, while giving you the tools that'll help you get ahead.

    Sometimes it's hard to read self-help books, but this is a very easy read as if Dr. Phil is speaking directly to you. Merged review: Really opens your eyes to the Amazingly honest book about how the real world functions today and how to succeed in it.

    Apr 09, Felix Bast rated it did not like it Shelves: Poor Poor poor. I've just completed Philip's this new book audio book version from iTunes store and it's full of negative thoughts!

    Descriptions of a hundred types of dubious personalities, plain text illustrations of heinous crimes what criminals do, and advising you to stay away from bad people. From page 1 to the last the author is trying to generalize group of "bad people" but in reality and as I strongly believe, you just can't categorize certain people as evil; good or bad are people's d Poor Poor poor. From page 1 to the last the author is trying to generalize group of "bad people" but in reality and as I strongly believe, you just can't categorize certain people as evil; good or bad are people's deeds, not people themselves!

    This book is clearly written for American married woman, suggested by numerous examples of 'other woman' trying to seduce "your" husbands, given in the book: Feb 22, Jenny Maloney rated it liked it Shelves: I don't normally do the self-help books, but I saw Dr.

    Phil list the "Sweet Sixteen" -- the skill set that winners have -- on one of his shows. And that's basically why I picked this up. On the show Dr. Phil said something that resonated heavily with me, and it's so simple on it's surface: Winners deal with the truth.

    That translates to so many things: You can't make money if you're not even willing to look at your bank statement. You're not going to get a promotion if you don't understand how yo I don't normally do the self-help books, but I saw Dr.

    You're not going to get a promotion if you don't understand how your company works. And that's only one of the sixteen points he lists. Phil delivers other important tidbits throughout and I like how he separates the world as we "want" it to be with the world as it "is.

    Here is how jerks behave; here is how to behave around the jerks; here is what to do with the jerks BAITERs who are already in your life. It's not about the jerks and fixing them. It's about how real people should take care of themselves. But I took notes and I'm trying to digest the information presented Nov 03, Sandee rated it did not like it Shelves: I am very disappointed. I have been avoiding the medias need to tell us the worst of news because I am certain that it is all part of making a buck.

    Humans are happy to pay for bad news or horrifying stories about the worst of humanity. We see documentaries filled with examples of the worst of us to make a point but also to make money. I don't feel the need to put my body through the hormonal changes of the fight or flight response to these horrible stories when fighting or fleeing don't provide I am very disappointed.

    I don't feel the need to put my body through the hormonal changes of the fight or flight response to these horrible stories when fighting or fleeing don't provide any benefit to the victims while the stress causes harm to me. I didn't expect Life Code to be a good news book but I am so disappointed that Dr.

    Phil seems to be following the trend of providing horror and fear for a dollar. First he tells me a horrifying story worthy of a Halloween movie script and goes on to spend the first third of the book telling me what he is going to tell me.

    Boring, boring and boring!!! I don't recommend this book at all and if there was a way to get my money back, I would be asking for it. Phil as usual phrases and explains his life lessons clearly and simply. Very different type of book for him. He tries to give you signs and identification tools to identify friends, relatives and everyone else that may not have you and your families' best interests at heart.

    He also instructs you how to use these tools not to change your persona but to guard against invasive people who are harmful.

    I loved this book and keep it on a shelf next to my bed for reference. Vulnerable people every Dr. Vulnerable people everywhere should read and absorb this.

    I come under this category of course and I highly recommend reading this very informative book.

    Jan 26, Doug Stutzman rated it it was amazing. Phil shares his prospective of trust in today's world. He gives you traits of untrustworthy people and the games they play. He helps you know who you really are and that builds a lot of confidence. More to come!!! Mar 06, Kathrynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and plan to have my kids read it, too. Good advice. A lot I've figured out on my own over the years, but good to have it repeated in a more conscise format.

    As expected. Another winner from Dr. View all 9 comments. I don't know; I found it to be 8 cds of basically useless information. Nothing more than common sense. On the positive side it did wonders for helping me get to sleep at night. Mar 22, Harvey Caywood rated it liked it. School Boards, Church Working-Groups.

    Similar to Dr. Phil, I searched for previous work of others in this subject matter. However, I found the works of Dr. Robert D. Hare to be astoundingly pertinent. At exactly Phil, Dr. Hare has developed a Checklist against which a person's behavior "badness" is evaluated on a Scale of 0 to 40 with such Checklist embraced by America's Justice System. My opinion is that Dr. Phil's "Life Code" is a "soft" treatment of the subject matter; certainly valid and effective when dealing with "light-weight" to "light-middle-weight" "bad" guys.

    Hare's is definitely "heavy-weight" material. Hare doesn't. Such implies that Dr. Phil's "bad" guys are soft-core offenders that're somewhat receptive to "criticism". Hare's "bad" guys are "hard-wired" unchangable predators and will gladly take any morsel of information ie: It's up to the reader to decide whether they're dealing with a pesky neighbor or busy-body office gossiper or a near "Satan Incarnate".

    Regardless, I'm overwhelmingly happy that this subject matter is finally being recognized and addressed as an issue that can be delt with for, I believe, exposure is the worst nightmare of and best "weapon" against such Predators. Where Dr. Hare's earlier work has a tinge of defeatism in it regarding the power omini-potency of these "bad" people over their chosen victims, I have valid hope to the contrary. I believe the ultimate solution to Dr.

    And, to a certain extent, such tactic may be appropriate with Dr. Phil's "bad" people ie: People must reject the "Will Rodgers" paradigm "never met a person I didn't like" and embrace what would be considered rude behavior View all 3 comments. Oct 28, Alex Timberman rated it really liked it Shelves: First of all, I know some of my friends will deride me for reading this book. I read it because it was free to listen to as part of my Kindle Unlimited membership.

    Now here goes the review. I never watched Dr. The thing I realize and have witnessed firsthand is how crazy and dramatic the lives are of many Americans in the middle and lower classes. Trust me; I've experienced many things first hand.

    Husbands and wives cheating on each other, physical abuse and drug abuse, dishonesty and backstabbing, and just an overall lack of sense of dignity and morality. In this book, he talks about how you shouldn't just give everyone the benefit of the doubt, how you should have a script ready to talk to your drug addicted partner, how you should handle yourself around manipulative people, and on how to protect your family from those that want to cause them harm. Having lived in Korea, a Confucian society the past 4 years, I've realized that many of the problems going on back home just simply do not occur here.

    Not a bad book, if you like this sort of thing. Nov 21, Carolyn rated it it was ok Shelves: McGraw spent a lot of time spelling out and explaining things that are either common sense or instinctively known by most people.

    Life Code, The New Rules for Winning in the Real World by Phil McGraw | | Booktopia

    He deviates a great deal in the last part of the book about parenting, bullies, stranger danger, etc. Not sure where that came from. The life code is about setting goals, being true to yourself, setting deadlines, negotiating, getting what you want, and dealing with conflict. I McGraw spent a lot of time spelling out and explaining things that are either common sense or instinctively known by most people. I don't think I was his target audience to read this book.

    Buy for others

    I got it on special. And I travel a lot so need to listen to something. I once heard his former business partner say that once McGraw got famous, he left her behind and if the situation had been reversed she would have never done that to him.

    So even though the book is about not getting screwed by manipulative people, he did exactly what he warns against to this lady whom he was in business with for many years. Out for number one. Sep 19, BooksnWool rated it really liked it Shelves: Dr Phil tells it like it is. If you were a bit under-mothered or brought up in an overly-nice middle class family, or a neglectful or abusive one of any class, this will contain stuff you need to know.

    I only wish someone had told me these things when I was younger, though my grandmother tried and was snubbed for her efforts: This is not a call to selfishness, quite the reverse really: It's a call to take care of business as you're meant to, and some practical tips for how to go about it.

    Niceness on it's own can't win unless you deal only with decent people, it just gets trampled by the odd one who won't play by the rules. Dr Phil shows how to defend yourself, niceness and all, from that fate. May 29, Sheri Hair rated it it was amazing.

    It is a very sad truth that "the good ole days" were not always ideal, but had significantly less problems involving the low brow predators that scoot in on their bellies to get something from their unsuspecting targets. This book will leave you with a different tint to your glasses. Sometimes hard to swallow insight is obvious after digesting Dr. Phils perspective conveyed in this read.

    Almost certain that someone the reader identifies is someone they love most. Should be required reading.

    Itz both easy and hard 2 recogniz thm 4m a distance and now i cn make smarter choices whom 2 sit wid, evn 4 just a cup of coffee. Its a good bk, i mean if u knw urslf, ur focusd on wht 2 do wid ur life and ur honest with atleast urself. Phil has pointed out alot of things, bt chosing 2 do exactly what, how n whom 2 do wid or deciding nt 2 do th Dr.

    Phil has pointed out alot of things, bt chosing 2 do exactly what, how n whom 2 do wid or deciding nt 2 do thm at al is up 2 us. The right attitude towards everyth is important, people surely need 2 knw how 2 nail tht formula.

    May 12, Jenn rated it it was amazing. This was a great read. Phil discusses how important it is to be aware of people with little moral standards, who are just waiting to take advantage of those who are oblivious to their cons.

    It also discusses how life has changed over the years, and how important it is to be aware of the people you allow into your life. Additionally, I found that the last part of the book that discusses the importance of teaching your children about the new life code, was very enlightening.

    Life Code: The New Rules For Winning in the Real World

    Practical, Simple and straight forward!. This book is the sum of the lifetime experiences of a man who sees the world for what it really is. I think I'll be reading it again when I'm a couple of years older it'll be more useful then. But seriously, no one understands life better than this guy. The way he analyses everything down to a logical explanation blows my mind!. I guess I'll be reading more of his books very soon!. Oct 08, Shanna rated it really liked it.

    A lot of interesting insight, tips, and real life examples in this book. I am a fan of the Dr. Phil show and also have read a few of his other books in the past. He has a no nonsense approach to life and the way we choose to live it. I think many people could benefit from reading this, if anything just to gain some new perspective on the way we live and the people we choose to surround ourselves and our families with.

    Great book. Oct 28, Charissa Ty rated it really liked it. Phil has some really good one liners. Honestly, I really wanted to give this book a two star rating going into the second chapter. It just sounds so pessimistic and dangerous for people who actually suffer paranoia. However, things got pretty light and motivational in the following chapters bumping up my interest for the book. Good job Dr. Jul 18, Tony Kaldas rated it did not like it. I didn't like the book.. It is implanting more negativity in our minds and making separation between people.

    The whole book is convincing us that we are victims and we need to take care of the bad people!! Very basic knowledge, i thought he might be deeper than this.

    Also, he speaks about his personal achievements a lot in the book!!! Mar 06, Will rated it liked it. This book doesn't really stick to one topic. It's more of stream of consciousness. It seems like he wrote it because somebody made him angry and he threw a few other things together.

    The advice he gives is good, but it just seems like he's trying to sell a book by instilling more fear in people. Still, it was kind of interesting to read. Phil writes glibly, subtly and not so subtly selling himself throughout this plushly padded book. So, while he makes some good points, what he says could have been covered in pamphlet form.

    Perhaps he's saving more material for his next book. Lifes 3 23 Aug 25, As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I immediately recognized he was referring to certain personality disordered individuals—sociopaths, narcissists, and borderlines—without calling them that. Christians might have a problem with this, seeing every person as redeemable, but the truth is—and Dr.

    Phil compels readers to understand—is that there really are bad people in the world. People who want to cheat, hurt, and steal from you and your loved ones. Of course, these evil people are on a continuum. Not every sociopath wants to molest and kill you.

    Some just want your money. Or your spouse. The point is, these people do not have the ability to empathize like regular folks. They could care less who they hurt and you need to know these people are very real.

    Phil describes how he took an inventory of every person who had hurt him in his lifetime. Phil to let down his guard. Phil saw a clear set of clues that should have been a warning.

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