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    Important One Word Substitution for Competitive Examinations. One Word Substitution asked in Previous Years English Question Papers of competitive examinations such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Banks, Railways, State PSC, LIC, NDA, CDS, MAT, CAT, etc. are included in these PDFs. English Language section is an important and high scoring sections of all the Bank, Insurance, SSC, Railway and other Government Exams like SBI PO, SBI Clerk, LIC AAO, SSC-CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, RRB JE, RRB ALP, etc. Therefore, to help you get these important marks we have. The competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, and UPSC comprise a test of English Comprehension. Here we are helping you in preparing one of the most important topics in English Comprehension that is “One Word Substitution”. Download our full collection of + important One Word.

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    One Word Substitutions Pdf

    One Word Substitution Pdf Free Download Now: One Word Substitution Question Pdf for Banking, SSC, RRB, FCI, Railway, UPSC, State PCS, Insurance . One Word Substitution list PDF. Page 1. A. •. A judge's private room, without the press or the public being present - In camera. Check out the list of more than One Word Substitutions that are (PDF). These One word substitutions are also very useful in day to day.

    A person sharing responsibility for a political partys discipline and tactics Food which agrees with ones taste A story in verse Plain or self evident truth A person who has just started learning A low area storm with high winds rotating about a centre of low atmospheric pressure A fault that may be forgiven One who is likeable Person who gives himself up to luxury and sexual pleasures A field or a part of a garden where fruit trees grow A women of lax moral A person who gives written testimony for use in a court A person who makes and sells ladies hats, etc. To mediate between two parties in a dispute The branch of science which deals with the problems of the old Property inherited from ones father pr ancestors Something left in a will by someone who has died The doctrine that human souls pass from one body to another at the time of death A drawing on transparent paper The act of violating the sanctity of church A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge One who thinks that human nature is essentially evil Interested mainly in a small group country etc. The period between two reigns Poem in short stanzas narrating a popular story One who does not know how to save the money Walk in a vain , self-important way Clumsy or ill-bred fellow A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc. The normal abode of any animal or plant A person who is skilled in horsemanship To atone ones sins.

    Ability to know something on the basis of feelings rather than reasoning -- Intuition 09b. Ability to speak without moving your lips -- Ventriloquism 10a. To change a law in order to improve it -- Amend 10b.

    To correct the mistakes in manuscript, etc. A person between 70 and 79 years old -- Septuagenarian 11b. A person between 80 and 89 years old -- Octogenarian 12a. Animals having spinal column -- Vertebrate 12b. An animal with thick skin -- Pachyderm 13a.

    Obeying rules and requests -- Compliance 13b. Open refusal to obey -- Defiance 14a. The state of being married -- Matrimony 14b. The state of being unmarried -- Bachelorhood 15a. A woman whose husband has died -- Widow 15b.

    A man whose wife has died -- Widower 16a. Things of different nature -- Heterogeneous 16b. Things of same nature -- Homogeneous 17a. A religious song -- Hymn 17b. A pleasant song used for causing children to sleep -- Lullaby 18a.

    To rise in value -- Appreciate 18b. To go down in value -- Depreciate 19a. A disorder in which person eats too less because of abnormal fear of being fat -- Anorexia 19b. A disorder in which person repeatedly eats too much -- Bulimia 20a. To increase the intensity of a disease -- Aggravate 20b.

    To go from bad to worse — Deteriorate 21a. A school for small children -- Kindergarten 21b. A student who has left school or class without permission -- Truant 22a. To free somebody from all blame -- Exonerate 22b.

    Optimist vkkkoknh One who looks at the bright side of things Orphan vukFk A child whose parents are dead. Orthography kq mPpkj. Obsolete vizpfyr No longer in use Octogenarian 80 lky dh mez dk O;fDr A person of eighty years of age Omnivorous lokZgkjh One who eats everything Polytheism vusd nsorkvksa esa fookl Belief in many Gods Photosynthesis izdkk lakys"k. Primitive vkfne] izkphu A person who belongs to early age of civilization Probable laHkork Having a high chance to be true or real Pacifist 'kkafrfiz; A person who believes in the total abolition of war Philatelist fVfdV laxzgh One who collects postage stamps Pensive fopkjeXu Deep in thoughts Philistine vckSf d O;fDr One indifferent to art or literature.

    Profile :ijs[kk General view of a persons character Philanthropist ekuoizseh One who love human kind Pandemonium dksykgy Wild and noisy disorder Pioneer iFkiznkZd One who leads in any field Prompt fcuk nsj ls djuk Done without delay Perquisite vuqykHk A emolument over and above fixed income or salary Pathology jksx funku The study of the disease.

    Pedantic iafMrk A style in which a writer display off his knowledge. Posthumous ej. Palpable LikZuh; Thing that can be felt or touched. Plagiarism lkfgfR;d pksjh Stealing from the writings of others. Pedestrian pyus okyk] iSny One who walks Pessimist fujkkkoknh One who looks at the dark side of things Perspicacious LiV cqf okyk Quick to judge and understand.

    Philomuse dyk izseh A person who loves art. Pornography vyhy ys[ku Treatment of obscene subjects in writing, painting etc. Procession tqywl A number of people proceeding together in an orderly way Philanderer bdckt One who flirts with ladies Peer rkduk] cjkcj gksuk Equal in rank, to gaze at Palatable Lokfn"B Food agrees with ones taste Parody fonzwfidk] udy Funny imitation of a poem Piggyback ihB ij lokjh Ride on someone elses back Piggybank xqYyd A child's coin bank often shaped like a pig Quadruped pkSik;k tkuoj An animal with four feet.

    Quest vUosk. Quotation m j. Red-tapism dk;kZyhu fu;e Too much official formalities Reticent xSj feyulkj Temperamentally disinclined to talk Reticule efgyk dk ilZ A womans drawstring handbag usually made of net used in 18th and 19th century Ridicule etkd cukuk Language or behavior intended to humiliate Rebate NwV reduction in a tax or debt.

    Respite vkjke Time of relief or rest. Rebel jktnzksgh A person who takes arms against the government of his own country Samaritan vlgk; dh enn djus okyk A person who helps a stranger or a helpless person in difficulties Scandal cnukeh Talk that bring bad reputation to somebody Savages vfk"V Wild people belonging to an uncivilized, undeveloped tribe or group Stationers ys[ku lkexzh fosrk A person who sells writing materials.

    Sculptor ewfrZ dh uDdkkh djus okyk A person who carves out figures. Scaffold Qklh dk r[rk ;k epku Platform on which criminals are executed. Submerge ikuh esa Mqcksuk Put under the surface of water.

    One Word Substitution asked in SSC CGL Tier-2 by SSC CLUB

    Surreptitious pksjh ls djuk one who done stealthily Sever dVdj vyx gksuk to something into two pieces Stoicism lgukhyrk Indifferent to pleasure or pain Sporadic vfu;fer Occurring at irregular intervals in time.

    Sonnet prqnZ'k inh A poem of fourteen lines Stale cklh] iqjkuk A thing or food which is not fresh Somniloquist uhan esa okr djus okyk One who talks while sleep Somnambulist uhan esa pyus okyk One who walks in sleep Stickler vkxzgh] tksj nsus okyk A person who insists on something Sterilize dhVk. Scullery crZu lkQ djus dh txg A place of washing dishes adjoining kitchen Stroll Vgyuk Short walk for pleasure or exercise Sanctuary kj.

    Tangible ftls ns[kk o Nqvk tk lds Things that can be seen and touched Telepathy nwjlaosnu] nwjkuqHkwfr Power of reading thoughts of others Topiary drZu dyk Art of cutting tree and bushes into ornamental shape Tenable rdZ laxr] ekU; Logical, Tenant fdjk,nkj A person who pays a rent for the use of a room, house or land.

    All One Word Substitutions of CGL Tier-2(2017)

    Telescope VsyhLdksi] nwjchu Instrument for viewing objects at a distance. Theist vkfLrd bZojoknh One who believes in God Teetotaler ukk u djus okyk A person who abstains forms all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Tobacconist rEckdw cspus okyk A person who sells tobacco Truant ukxk djus okyk A student who is absent without permission.

    Unanimous loZlEer A decision taken by the votes of all. Unpleasant v:fpdj] vukd"kZd Disagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings Turbulent fcckfnr Including much disorder Versatile cgqeq[kh] izfrHkk One who possess many talent Veteran vuqHkoh long experience of any occupation Vulpine ykseMh ds tSlk That which looks like a fox Vulnerable vk? Virago cqjk O;ogkj djus okyh vkSjr An abusive woman Vegetarian kkdkgkjh One who eats only vegetables Vacillation fgpfdpkgV Change ones mind too quickly Windfall gok ls fxjk Qy] vizR;kf'kr ykHk Unexpected stroke of good luck Witch Mk;u] tknwxjuh A woman supposed to have magic powers, usually to do evil Wag fMaMksfy;k ;k eL[kjk A jocular person who is full of amusing anecdotes Wages etnwjh payment of work done especially foe labour of mechanical kind Withhold lkeuk djuk Stand, refuge to give up Windfall gok ls fxjk Qy] vizR;kf'kr ykHk An unexpected piece of good fortune Antiseptic jksxk.

    Affable feyulkj] Hknz Diffusing warmth and friendliness Arsonist vkxtuh djus okyk A person who deliberately sets fire to a building Animated og ftlesa thou gks Objects having life in them Alias miuke Name by which a person is called at other times or in A other place. False name Ambivert mHk;eq[kh One who turns thoughts both inwards and outwards Aster rkjk] rkjd A flower which is star shaped Abattoir dlkbZ[kkuk Place where animals are killed for food Abdication vkSipkfjd :i ls R;kx nsuk To formally give up Accentuate tksj nsuk Give more force or importance to Addendum ifjfk"V Thing to be added at the end of a book, etc Advertisement foKkiu A public notice offering or asking for goods, services, etc Afforestation oujksi.

    Aggressor vkdze. Alien xSj ukxfjd One who belongs to different country, race of group Allegory izrhddFkk Story in which ideas are symbolized as people Alliteration vuqizkl Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter Altruist ijksidkjh One who lives and works for the welfare of others Amateur xSj isksoj Lacking pro fissional skill or expertise Analgesia nnZ dk ,glkl u gksuk The loss of ability to feel pain while still conscious Anarchist vjktd One who wishes to destroy all established governments law and order Anarchy vjktdrk The absence of government in a country Anonymous xqeuke A book or a work of art whose author is not known Antidote tgjukkd A medicine to cure the effect of poison Aphasia okpk?

    Armistice ;q fojke The cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed Ascetics lU;klh One who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline Avaricious ykyph One who is greedy Braggart nEHkh A vain, boasting fellow Bier vFkhZ A stand to support a corpse or a coffin prior to burial Banal f? Beverage is; Any type of drink except water Bacon uedhu lwvj ekal Salted or smoked meat from the back or sides of a pig Baby minder okd A scene of noisy talking and confusing Barbarism ccZjrk State of being uncivilized, ignorant or rude Bachelorhood dqokjkiu A state of being unmarried of a man Blaspheme bZoj ds f[kykQ cksyuk Speaking irreverently about God or sacred things Bliss pjelq[k Perfect happiness Botany ouLifr foKku The science of vegetable life Brittle Hkaxqj A thing which can be easily broken Cacophony Jqfr dVqRo Harsh sound Cajole, Entice [kqkken djuk Persuade by flattery Carnival euksjatu esyk Public merry making and feasting Centenary krkCnh Hundredth anniversary Cloak room eky xksnke The place for luggage at a railway station Coerce etcwj djuk Compel to a course of action Cognate ,d gh mRiRrh ds Having the same source or origin Colleagues lgdehZ Person working in the same department Conflagration Hkh"k.

    Conscription vfuok;Z lSfud lsok Compulsory enlistment for military or other services Camouflage Nykoj. Contagious ladzked which spreads by physical touch or contact Contiguous lehiLFk Two countries or states touching a common boundary Contrite i'pkrkih Showing deep sorrow for wrongdoing Coquette fnyQsad efgyk A seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men Coronation jkT;kfHk"ksd Ceremony of crowning a king Cynosure vkdZ"k.

    Compatriot ns'kHkkbZ] lens'kh A person from your own country Carnival mRlo Public festivals occurring at a regular time in a year Caricature izlgu Picture description or imitation in order to amuse or ridicule Colloquialism cksypky dk iz;ksx Informal expression used in everyday conversation Convivial izQqYy feyulkj Full of shared pleasure and friendliness Cynical fuUnkkhy A person who does not believe in goodness, sincerity or nobleness of man Delible feVkus ;ksX; That which can be effaced or blotted out Death-trap [krjukd LFkku Place where many people have died in accident Death-blow izk.

    Death rattle ejus ds le; dh fgpdh A ratting in the throat of dying man Decorum lqUnjrk] lqUnj] fk"Vkpkj Dignified and socially acceptable behaviour Deism bZojokn] vkfLrdrk Belief in the existence of god that is based more on faith than on religious teaching Delusion Hkze A false notion or idea about anything Demagogue iztkuk;d] nqtZukss dk usrk A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices Depot vR;kpkjh Ruler with unlimited power especially a cruel and oppressive one Derisory rkuk ekjus okyk Not to be considered serious Demagogue tuksRrstd Political leader who delivers sentimental speeches Denizen fuoklh A person, an animal or a plant that lives, grows or is often found in a particular place Despondency fujkkk Loss of complete hope Destitution vHkkoxzLrrk Lacking basic necessities of life Detrimental gkfudj Causing harm or damage Dexterous dqky Skillful at handling things Dictatorship rkukkkgh fujadqkrk Government carried on by an absolute ruler Discrepancy folaxfr Difference between two things that should be the same Dissimulate fNikuk To hide or disguise Diurnal nSfud Of the daytime Draper tqykgk A shopkeeper selling cloth and clothing Draw vfuf.

    Dynasty oak Succession of rulers belonging to one family Eavesdropper pqids ls futh okrkZyki One who witnesses secretly to private Egalitarianism lerkokn Belief that all people are equal and have the same rights and opportunities Emissary xqIrpj tklwl A person sent on a mission usually official Epitome lVhd mnkgj.

    1200+ Previous Years One Word Substitution PDF- Asked in SSC Exams

    Epidemic ladzked jksx Disease affecting many people at the same place and time Epitomize lVhd mnkgj. Erotica vyhy xzUFk Books, pictures etc intended to arouse sexual desire Espionage tklwlh Practice of spying Eternal vuar Exiting for ever-without any beginning or ending Etymology kCn fuekZ.

    Euphemism vkMaCkj kSyh Bombastic style of writing Euphonious lqjhyk Sounding pleasant Euphoria vR;ar [kqkh A strong feeling of happiness Explicable foospukRed That which can be explained Extravaganza vfrk;h ukVd Public activity which takes place in a very elaborate, colourful and expensive way Egregious iDdk]? Epigram pqVdqyk Short poem or saying expressing idea in clever and amusing way Epic egkdkO; Long poem about a nations past history or its heroes A long narration poem Fastidious rqudfetkt Hard to please Fallacy Hkze False or mistaken belief Fauna izkf.

    Fiasco iw. M A Long pole on which a flag is flown

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